Jody Joseph: Painting from the Modern Masters



“MM” is a painting class (we draw sometimes too) which explores the many innovations of artists from the “Modern” period including:  “loosening up” in your painting, using bright colour, “flattening” space without loosing it all together and LOTS of other topics.  Learn more about the work of many artists, some well-known (eg.,Cezanne, Monet and the Impressionists, Matisse, the Cubists), some less so (eg.,Morandi, Marquet, Thiebaud), as well as about earlier artists whose work influenced Modernist developments (eg, Vermeer, Chardin, Corot).  Apply lessons of the Modernists to your own painting in a supportive, fun environment.

Questions?  E-mail me!  To register for this class for the at DVSA, click here.

Many thanks to all my wonderful students at Dundas Valley School of Art some of whose work is pictured in these photos.   If you see your work and want your name under it, by all means

e-mail me! (Some people don’t like being ID-ed!)  Sorry for the not-so-great quality of the images and that I didn’t have images from everyone.  This is a TINY sample of the great work done by students in the class!

Gallery of My Students’ Work