Jody Joseph: Experimental Drawing Class



In this class we explore how to use drawing as a vehicle for personal expression.  We often work big and against the wall, so that we can involve our entire body in the drawing process.  We use a variety of media, including some paint and collage.  We work on both “loosening up”--recovering the kind of joy we often felt while drawing as children--AND on learning about the formal elements that make drawings strong.  For example, how do variations in line, shape, placement or rhythm express ideas and emotion?  As in all my classes, we spend some time looking at and getting to know and understand master drawings by great artists from all eras, both representational and abstract.

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Many thanks to all my wonderful students at Dundas Valley School of Art some of whom are pictured along with their work in these photos.  Classes were held in the DVSA loft, a fabulous studio space for making art! If you see your work and want your name under it, by all means

e-mail me! (Some people don’t like being ID-ed!)  Sorry for the not-so-great quality of some images and that I didn’t have images from everyone.  This is a TINY sample of the great work done by students in the class!

Gallery of My Students’ Work:  Experimental Drawing