Jody Joseph: My Students’ Work



The collages below were done by participants in a collage workshop I conducted in Orangeville, Ontario, working with a live model and then from masterworks.  The workshop was inspired in part by the work of Ken Kewley, an American painter and collage artist whose work I love and look at often. In addition to being wonderful as collages, the process of making this work offers many profound lessons for painters, among them: the power of overlap as a space-making device; a kind of “back to front” thinking which makes one more aware of the importance of “background” and its interaction with the “figure;” the simplicity of the palette (colour choices) of most masterworks and their relative percentages; how body parts may not be the shapes one thinks they are, and on and on and on.....Many thanks to the wonderful women of Orangeville who made this work!  My apologies for not being able to identify your work individually!  If you see your work and want your name under it, by all means e-mail me! Sorry for the not-so-great quality of the images and that I didn’t have images from everyone.  This is a small sample of the great work done by students in the class!

Gallery of My Students’ Work