Jody Joseph  Painting & Collage


a memoria”


Paintings & collages from memory of over 25 years as an student, painter, teacher & resident of  Montecastello di Vibio, a small hilltown in Umbria, Italy.   Montecastello is ever present in my mind’s eye, even when I am far away:  the winding streets & small piazzas; my lifelong friends there, and every wonderful meal they have cooked for me; their way of life, close to the land; their history and lore, their love for their town and its breathtaking surroundings; their embrace of me and the students I brought to work there; their affection and respect for art & artists, their encouragement as I painted, “Buon lavoro”--”work well!”  Grazie a Montecastello--Thank you for your many gifts.  

Click here for artist talk on Montecastello and the work in this show.

“Montecastello a memoria,”  Gallery on the Bay,  Nov 2016,  Hamiton, ON